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Farmland Forever: Sharon & Gary Slate Protect Clover Hill Farm

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The Sunday afternoon drive was once a great American tradition. The purpose was simple: ride into the countryside to enjoy views of rolling fields, grazing cows, and bright red barns.“I grew up just outside of Liverpool, NY. Every Sunday, my parents drove us along Route 370 to Baldwinsville. It was absolutely breathtaking. Now, much of [...]

How Tully FFA and Leann Jordan Help Youth Find the Field of Their Dreams

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The alarm goes off at 5:30 a.m. A little girl jumps out of bed and rushes to do her farm chores. The herd of Holstein cows need to be fed and milked. Hay fields are ready for first cutting. It’s going to be a busy day for Leann Jordan…on her imaginary dairy farm.“Yes, I used [...]