What to Expect at On Farm Fest 2018!

September 22nd, 10am-3pm

  • Tour this certified organic dairy farm
  • See robotic milking machines in action! Discover why the cows love it
  • View the cows and calves as they go about their day
  • Meet the farmers and hear what life is like for today’s dairy farmers


(Excerpt from an article about River Ridge Dairy at CountryFolks.com)

“It’s all about the cows” is the repeated mantra here. From barn design to organic certification, robotic milking to cow brushes; it’s the cows that matter. The cows are free to wander as they please, to accommodate the type of farming they wanted to do.

“There are no restrictions on the cows,” Karen Hooper said. “Everything is free choice to them. It’s what makes sense for us.”

The cows are free to eat when they want, lie down at will, visit the cow brush — which they do frequently — and go to the robot to get milked. During the grazing season, the milking herd can wander in and out of the barn at will, and gates will lead them to fresh pastures every 12 hours, after milking, rotating them through the 100 acres of pasture.

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Karen and Mike Hooper

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