What to Expect at On Farm Fest 2018!

September 22nd, 10am-3pm

  • Tour the farm and see why these Red Angus cows have the good life!
  • Meet the farm family and see what their daily life is like
  • Food for purchase…to enjoy on site! Herlihy’s Smokehouse
  • Food for purchase…to take home! Lucky 13 steaks and hamburger by the pound
  • Live music 11am-2pm! Cole Jarvis



Lucky 13 is operated by Erin Luchsinger Hull, her husband David, and their two young children, Oliver and Elsa. Lucky 13 is known for raising delicious, consistent All Natural Red Angus Beef on their farm in Tully. Lucky 13 exclusively raises purebred Red Angus as they believe this breed offers their customers the best possible beef. The Hulls give the herd access to a wide open pasture 24/7, 365 days a year and they raise their cattle as humanely as possible. Lucky 13 also grows all of their own winter hay – making their beef 100% local from pasture to plate. Their beef is available for purchase directly from the farm!

ON Farm Fest Sneak Peek!

Meet the Farm


All Natural Red Angus Beef


Erin Luchsinger Hull


Purchase meat fresh from the farm. Please contact the farm for prices and pickup times. Email lucky13beef@yahoo.com or call 315-696-6856

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