What to Expect at ON Farm Fest 2019!

September 21st, 10am-3pm

  • Check out the brewery! Heritage Hill Brewhouse and Kitchen at Palladino Farms. Tour the brewery and kitchen and watch locally grown grains and meats be turned into delicious food and drinks…
  • Tours of the brewing area and process
  • Take a field tour to learn about malt barley, and organic field crops
  • Kid’s tour of the animals: beef cows, pigs, and Stella the donkey…the farm’s mascot!
  • Grab a locally sourced meal and enjoy the stunning view on the deck
  • Shop for Onondaga Grown products in The Farm Store – right on the farm



The Palladino family has owned and farmed the land since 1951, when the farm was purchased by Grandfather Nunzio Palladino. The land has been actively farmed since 1845. Originally the farm was a dairy operation until 1965 when it was converted to a cash crop and beef operation as it is today. The Carley family is also third generation farmers as Dan Dimon married the farmer’s daughter, Melissa Carley. Dan Dimon and his father-in-law still run their dairy farm while the two families do their crops together as Palladino & Carley Farms.

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Dan Palladino
Dan Dimon


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3149 Sweet Road
Jamesville, NY

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