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What to Expect at On Farm Fest 2018!

September 22, 10am-3pm

  • Meet the Hourigan’s herd of Holstein dairy cows
  • Learn about crops grown on the farm: hay, corn, soybeans, and more
  • Discover what life is like on a working farm
  • Explore the fields that supply fresh produce to Bailiwick Market and Café
  • Live Music 11am-2pm! Sydney Jarvis
  • For Purchase! Locally Made Bailiwick ice cream and pumpkins
  • Say hello to the Dairy Princesses



Hourigan’s Dairy Farm is home to 1200 milking-age Holsteins and 1200 calves. In addition, Hourigan Dairy Farm also grows corn, soybeans, wheat, and hay crops. The farm employs 42 people.

Hourigan’s Dairy Farm produces A-2 milk for Byrne Dairy. Byrne Dairy discovered that many individuals have trouble digesting regular milk, which contains both A-1 and A-2 proteins. But most people can handle milk that only contains the A-2 protein.

The Hourigan family also runs the Bailiwick Market & Café, employing 30 people. At the market and café, you’ll find produce grown at the farm: from pumpkins to sweet corn, green beans to sunflowers, plus other locally sourced food.

ON Farm Fest Sneak Peek!

Meet the Farm




Holstein Dairy and Crops


John & Nancy Hourigan


The farm also runs the Bailiwick Market & Café in Elbridge, featuring locally grown food. Visit today to shop or dine!

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