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33 Things to Do at ON Farm Fest on September 21st 2019

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Who's ready to go on the farm? Soon, 11 farms across Onondaga County will open their barn doors and welcome in thousands of visitors for the 4th annual ON Farm Fest event. We hope you're one of them! September 21st is coming up fast, and you only have 5 hours to visit the farms from [...]

How Can I Buy Local in Onondaga County? 5 Tips

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Buy local. For the past decade, it’s been a rallying cry across the nation – and right here in Central New York. The phrase is even at the heart of the Onondaga County Agriculture Council’s “Buy Local. Buy Onondaga Grown” initiative. However, we’ve heard from many people that actually buying local products can be [...]

LaFayette Apple Festival: Giant Fun on Columbus Day Weekend

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Updated October 10th, 2019 In 1869, the small hamlet of Cardiff in LaFayette, New York captured the world’s attention. One October day, a worker was digging a well when his shovel hit something hard. It wasn’t a rock…it was a petrified giant man over 10 feet long! Thousands flocked to Cardiff and paid a quarter [...]

To Beef Up Business, Dairy Farm Diversifies to Camping and a Different Kind of Cow

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Picture this. You’re camping with friends next to a tranquil pond stocked with fish. You smell steak cooking on the campfire. The breeze in the giant pines creates a soothing sound as you sway in the hammock. Then you hear…a cow mooing softly in the distance? Yes, that’s because you’re camping in a forest at [...]

4 Reasons to Think Farmers Markets First

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Ever visit the Fayetteville Towne Center on a Thursday afternoon? You may have noticed a different kind of shopping experience in the parking lot outside of Target. Over two dozen brightly colored tents are set up in a square formation…yes, it’s a farmers market in the center of “Towne.” The Fayetteville Farmers Market is one [...]

Landry Farms: Eggs Came First, Chicken Soon Followed

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It all started 6 years ago. Casey Koehle purchased a few layer hens so her family could enjoy fresh eggs daily.“We couldn’t get enough of the rich flavor, texture, and even the bright orange yolk color of those eggs. It was unlike anything we’d ever tasted,” said Casey.Casey wanted to share the “real egg” experience [...]

Where to Go Strawberry Picking in Syracuse (and 7 Picking Tips)

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Originally Published June 21st, 2018 | Updated June 18th, 2019 Want to go strawberry picking in Syracuse? You’ve got options. Many farms in Syracuse open their fields to the public for berry picking: from Navarino to Baldwinsville. (See the map of u-pick fields and get directions at the bottom of this article.) Right now, [...]

Have it Your Way: A Tale of 2 Onondaga Grown CSAs

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by Lindsay Ott WilcoxMake This the Season You Subscribe to an Onondaga Grown CSA.You subscribe to Netflix or your favorite magazine, but what about local food? There’s a subscription for that, too. It’s called a Farm CSA.CSA stands for community supported agriculture. You pay for a weekly “share” of the farm’s harvest up front, then [...]